Children half day (4-12 years)

BOBO-Kinderclub & Children’s ski courses in Lofer - Learn with fun and variety

In the children’s ski school with BOBO, we offer ski courses for children from 4 to 12 years of age, using skiing technique specially for children, and the latest in teaching aids in ideal terrain. Ropes, tyres, noodles, bands, shorties, snowsails etc. provide ideal conditions for children to learn how to ski.

In the large BOBO Kinderland, in the middle of the Almenwelt Lofer ski area, right next to 2 restaurants, learning to ski becomes a real experience for children.

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BAMBINIBambini course 3-years-old - learn to ski and play in the snowBOBO children village
K 1Bambini course - learn to ski and play in the snowBOBO children village
K 2Stringing together curves in plough on easy blue pistesslightly advanced
K 3Turning ploughs on blue pistes with different speed & radius slightly advanced
K 4Turning in plough on easy red pistesslightly advanced
K 5Steering in plough; the skis are positioned in parallel after each curveadvanced
K 6First parallel turning of long radii & carrying the sticksadvanced
K 7Parallel turning with stick & different speed, radii & pistes advanced
K 8-10Paralleles Drehen, versch. Radien, Carven auf roter & black pistes, freeride, etc. expert