The Sturm children’s ski school in Lofer offers a group classification system, like the division of students into classes from 1 to 10 in schools. It begins with Group K1, “Beginners”, and increases according to learning progress to the next highest group. We also separate groups K1 and K2 according to the age of the participants.

In order to progress as quickly as possible, we create groups of 4-6 years and 7-12 years and, of course, we take the child’s language into account for all ski courses. Acquaintances, friends or siblings are naturally put into the same group on request.


Video Group Classification-requirement Ability/Colour
BAMBINI Bambini course 3-years-old - learn to ski and play in the snow BOBO children village
K 1 Bambini course - learn to ski and play in the snow BOBO children village
K 2 Stringing together curves in plough on easy blue pistes slightly advanced
K 3 Turning ploughs on blue pistes with different speed & radius slightly advanced
K 4 Turning in plough on easy red pistes slightly advanced
K 5 Steering in plough; the skis are positioned in parallel after each curve advanced
K 6 First parallel turning of long radii & carrying the sticks advanced
K 7 Parallel turning with stick & different speed, radii & pistes advanced
K 8-10 Paralleles Drehen, versch. Radien, Carven auf roter & black pistes, freeride, etc. expert


Video Group Classification requirement Ability/Colour
E 1 Beginner - never touched a pair of skis! beginner
E 2 Stringing together curves in snowplough on easy blue pistes slightly advanced
E 3 Steer plough on easy red pistes, skis are positioned in parallel after finishing the curve advanced
E 4 Parallel ski steering with stick on red pistes advanced
E 5 Carving long and short radii on different terrain, at different speeds very advanced
E 6 Deep snow, free ride, mogul slope, race expert
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